Apr 272012

Amy was looking for furniture online and came across this “patio hanging egg chair”. $446 seems like an outrageously high price for such an ugly chair… but how can you pass up the opportunity to save over $79,000?! Even more ridiculous is the fact that the minimum order is two of these hideous things.

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Darah’s First Horse

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Apr 232012

This past weekend Patty and I took the kids (and Olivia) to an Earth Day Fair at the Dairy Barn. No, not the Dairy Barn drive-through convenience stores on Long Island. The Dairy Barn is part of the Anne Springs Greenway in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Maegan and Olivia took off hiking down a long […]

Ballerina II

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Apr 192012

I was just sent this photo of Darah in dance lessons. This reminded me of when Maegan took dance lessons. Here’s a photo from a 2005 blog post, which would make Darah the same age as Maegan was at the time:

Spot The Shuttle

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Apr 172012

Today the Space Shuttle Discovery did several fly-overs over Washington, DC, on its final flight before being put on permanent display in Virginia. It was pretty cool to see the shuttle fly by. Here are two photos I took from my office window.  Twitter was on fire with photos random people were taking of the […]

Florida 2012

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Apr 082012

Last week I got to take the kids to Florida, but Patty couldn’t make it due to her nursing school. We did a lot of swimming, some mini-golf, went to the Palm Beach Zoo, and went to the beach. Here are photos from the trip.