Nov 212011

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On Sunday I left right on time to drive to the Metro station and then take the train into the city to watch a certain professional football team play. (Not naming teams.) After locking up my car and walking down to the Metro entrance, a stranger stopped me and asked me if I had jumper cables in my car. I always have jumper cables in my car. I didn’t want to be late for my game and lose a seat, having to stand for the entire three hour game, but of course I helped her out. We walked back up to the parking lot, I drove my car over to her’s, popped the hood, and connected the jumper cables. It took a few tries but she finally got her car started. I put everything away and re-parked my car.

It didn’t take too long but it took long enough that I knew I was now going to miss kickoff, and most likely lose a choice seat too. I thought to myself that karma owes me for helping that woman and I had the urge to tweet a comment about it. While walking back down to the Metro entrance I pulled out my cell phone specifically to tweet about karma and pressed the button to unlock it. Instead of my standard unlock screen or any other display that would show when using one of the phone’s various functions, I was extremely surprised to see an unobstructed full screen photo of the universe displayed on my phone, without any buttons, icons, or text that I would normally see on my phone display. I had never seen this image on my phone before!  This image may have been hidden in my  phone as a factory setting but that still wouldn’t explain how it magically showed up just then, for no reason. Was this karma trying to tell me something?

When I finally got to the ‘local establishment’ that was showing the game, I did indeed miss kickoff. But somehow there was still a seat left for me! A good one. Karma?

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