May 132010

I was happy to read the news today that YouTube will now be offering “unlisted” as a privacy choice for videos.  I’m actually partial towards Vimeo for online video for many reasons, but they only allowed one HD video upload per week for non-paying members.  I’ve had to start using YouTube because they don’t limit your HD uploads, which I’ve needed much more often ever since getting my Flip UltraHD pocket camcorder.  Since most of my videos were primarily intended for family and friends to view, I never really liked the fact that any stranger on the internet searching for “girls” or one of my childrens’ names could easily stumble upon one of my family videos.

But as of today, just like my photos on Picasa (another Google product), I can now set my YouTube videos to “unlisted”.  This means that anybody can easily see them without a password but since it won’t show up in any search results, nobody would be able to find the videos (or photos) or even know they existed unless I shared the link with them.  This has never been a problem before but it’s a good feature to have and I’ll be using it from now on.

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