Apr 192010

Last month Maegan wanted to be a contributing blogger to this blog.   Immediately thereafter Maegan wanted her own blog and started Nut Maegs on Blogger.  Soon after that many of her friends got their own blogs too.  I don’t know how long any of her friends will keep up with it but Maegan’s just got the blogging bug bad.

She’s seen how much control I have over my WordPress powered blog so she wanted one too.  We tried WordPress.com (a free alternative to Blogger) but soon discovered that it pales in comparison to a WordPress blog hosted on your own servers, and she wanted what I had.  I told Maegan that for it to work she would need her own domain name (or else her blog would actually be on my domain name and it would be difficult for people to find).  She was happy to learn that it only costs $11 per year for her to buy her own domain name which she did.

Maegan’s blog is now (and hopefully permanently) located at Maegs.com.  Check it out.   She went through several themes before she overheard me mentioning a theme I found that had tons and tons of customizable options so she could design her blog to be just the way she wants it.  I don’t think she’s completely done with her final look yet as of the time I’m posting this, but check out what she’s done so far.  That was all designed by her and she uploaded all those background images herself too.  In addition to her writing skills, she’s quickly learning to become a webmaster too.

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