Jul 172009

Last week I was wasting time with a popular Facebook app called “Cities I’ve Visited” where I stuck virtual pins in an online map showing places I’ve been before. It was kind of fun to add all the places I either once lived or have traveled to. At one point I had to break out an old photo album to remember the names of many of the specific towns and national parks I visited during a two-month cross-country camping “teen tour” in the summer of 1988. (See the photo on the right. I’m way on the right.) When I was done and looked at the map I had pins covering the entire east coast of the United States, from Maine (and Canada) down to Florida and every state in between. But other than that there was just this single thin loop to California and back… and nothing else. Other than that one trip in 1988, I’ve never even been in another time zone. How sad. Seriously. :-(

Today, completely by accident, I stumbled upon a website called BarefootList.com. The website helps you come up with and track your own list of things that you want to accomplish in your life – a “before I die list”. Sort of a neat idea but I have no interest in creating a list like that. Sure I would like to travel out of my time zone again, hopefully overseas one day, but that’s about the only thing I could even think of putting on a list. Anyhow, the website has several lists of some of the most common “before I die” goals written by other people, so I thought it would be interesting to read what others wanted to accomplish in their lifetime. What I found interesting was how many “simple” and “ordinary” things I have done in my life that other people haven’t but wanted to do before they die. I guess I should still be glad for all the things I have done in my limited travels.

Here are just some of the common “before I die” goals that other have posted that I have been fortunate enough to accomplish:

Common (but apparently not for everybody):

Travel Related:

  • Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge – Technically I walked halfway and then walked back
  • The Liberty Bell
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • Tour the Washington Monument – many times, but I’ve never been inside
  • Tour the White House- I got a private behind the scene tour in 1987 where public tours aren’t allowed to go. My relative was a Congressman.
  • Tour Hearst Castle – part of that 1988 teen tour
  • Visit Alcatraz – same as above
  • Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame – same as above
  • Visit Universal Studios – same as above
  • Disneyworldmany times
  • Boston – Fenway was cool


  • Rock climb
  • See a NASCAR race
  • Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown – visited many times but I also interviewed to work there and got to go behind the scenes and downstairs to see their rare non-public collection. Awesome!
  • Watch a game from a suite/skybox
  • Kayak


  • Marry my Sweetheart and raise a family together
  • Research my Geneaology – I have hundreds of family members in my family tree program
  • Research the origins of my Surname – Suss is german for “sweet” (as in candy)

Relatively Rare:

Not yet but I will:

  • Attend my High School Reunion
  • Be Debt Free
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