May 162008

I was just fiddling with some new free software that creates panoramic shots from multiple standard photos by stitching them together. The freeware I’m using is called Hugin. It’s a bit complicated but Lifehacker wrote a nice tutorial for it. The truth is that I need to take better photos if I intend to stitch them together (more overlapping and no automatic iris or white balance) but I was able to output this photo on my first try. Before I left my last job I took a 180-degree series of 5 photos of my old office. (Excuse the mess.)

P.S. I used to have my own, private, 22’x16′ office with 3 television and a backroom walk in storage closet. I now have a cubicle. ;-)

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  2 Responses to “Panorama”

  1. So that’s your old office? It was nice! Of course, I dig the PSTV clock. What’s with the boomerang?

  2. lol. You’re really studying that photo to notice the boomerang on the bookshelf? Oy what a mess. ;-)

    My sister spent several weeks traveling across Australia in 2006 (Photo Album). She brought me back a nice boomerang, hand painted by a real native aborigine (Photo). I’ve never actually thrown it.

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