Apr 142007

Way back in January I applied for an employment opportunity in Tampa. The position seemed to be an absolutely perfect match for me: Promotions Manager (the title that’s unavailable here), at an independent television station (just like here), in the #12 market (Charlotte is #26). I had a couple of phone interviews in February and March. Now April, I finally had a face-to-face interview. I’m not surprised that I was offered the position but I was surprised that it was offered on the spot and that they wanted an answer by the next day.

Patty and I talked all that night and much of the next day. The opportunity was good as was the offer, but the timing couldn’t be worse. They wanted me to begin working the week before Patty’s due date. Without further suspense, the answer is that we will not be moving to Tampa. If this had been three months ago when I applied, or even three months from now when the baby was home and settled in, perhaps the answer would have been different. Many people have flat out told me that I am in idiot for not accepting.

By the way, I just added several previously unposted blog entries about my vacation from last week. You can go back and read Spring Break, Morikami, or Vacation Curse.

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  1. Mike, they are idiots. You are not asking for a lot here. For what would have essentially been years of positive contributions by you to their station, they need to consider your personal needs a bit. If they can’t, you don’t want to work for them anyway. You never know though, after the baby is born you may be able to circle back around and it might be there. I have never heard of a situation where something is offered spot-on (no corporate road blocks, no “I have to go run this thru HR and/or some other layer?” Surprising) and they “Demand” and answer like that. Seems fishy….

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