Jan 082007

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Friday morning my weekend plans were to build shelves and organize the playroom. Friday afternoon Patty got a call from her mom and Doug, inviting us to join them at Wild Dunes resort at Isle of Palms for the weekend. We’re not at all the kind of people to hop in the car and take an impromptu trip to the beach, but there we were throwing clothes in a bag and leaving for the South Carolina coast on a whim at 8:00pm. We don’t travel much other than to Florida on spring break but this was now our third trip in the past month, following Washington last week and Savannah/Tybee in December.

The drive was treacherous, driving through some of the heaviest downpours I’ve seen in years. At times I was going 20 miles per hour on an interstate with a limit of 70, and I was in the left lane passing everybody else. (Impromptu trip or not, I knew the weather forecast and applied some Rain X just before we left.) We arrived around midnight.

The next day was the warmest January 6th on record. 76° in the middle of winter, but that was the temperature in the shade. It was bright and sunny all day and it felt like the mid 80’s! We walked along the beach in shorts and t-shirts and Maegan waded up to her knees in the Atlantic Ocean. We went back to the beach in the afternoon at low-tide and walked far out on to a sand bar. Despite growing up on an island I had never seen live starfish in the wild, and there were hundreds. And I’ve never seen a living sand dollar and there were thousands, everywhere you looked in the low tide. We collected about a dozen sand dollars but only when we found ones which were already dead. And of course there were great shells too. Maegan loved it.

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