Nov 132006

Several months ago I saw several early animatic clips from The Simpsons Movie due out in 2007 (here’s one) and was immediately concerned about how lowbrow the jokes were. During last night’s episode of The Simpsons they showed the first official teaser for The Simpsons Movie. I had been marking my calendar for the release of this movie but I am now completely skeptical that it will be any good.

Staying with their inability to rise above lowbrow shtick, the end of the teaser shows Homer swinging on a wrecking ball between a rock and a building with the words “A Hard Place“. That’s not funny at all. What I did find funny was their unintentional joke backfire about the movie being in 2D. The entire premise of the trailer is that The Simpsons Movie is not in 3D, yet the first clips shown after that claim show Homer driving a construction vehicle down a hill – obviously created with the aid of 3D computer animation! Now that, I found ironically funny.

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