Nov 132006

Nobody can deny that the Simpsons have been going downhill for years but I refused to believe that it had actually jumped the shark. The shark has been jumped.

First of all, last night’s episode was just not funny at all. Secondly, the premise of this episode was that Homer joined the Army, a rip-off of a previous episode in which Homer joined the Navy. But the final straw for me is that for the second week in a row the show ended with blatant propaganda against the war in Iraq.

In last week’s episode Kang & Kodos invaded Springfield at the end of the annual Halloween episode. The anti-Iraq message was short, subtle, and most importantly delivered in a cleverly humorous parody. However last night’s episode was outright beat-you-over-the-head preaching. The moral of the entire episode was spelled out by Lisa Simpson, after the town of Springfield forces the U.S. Army to surrender, stating that an occupying force will never defeat the resistance of a determined people. Listen, I’m strongly against the war in Iraq too but I don’t need political morals force-fed to me by my cartoon entertainment.

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