May 022001

So Patty and I move into our new home and the first full day, this is what happens…

I’m unpacking the car and see a huge swarm of bees moving down the street. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life but I calmly walk inside, close the door, and call Patty over to check it out before it passed by. It didn’t pass by. At random, the bees decided my home was a good place to rest and start building it’s new nest! Tens of thousands of bees blocked out the sky, trapping Patty and I inside. After about 20 minutes the swarm began condensing in a bush on our front lawn. Within another 20 minutes most the swarm had formed a basketball-size mass-of-bees. No hive, just a solid ball of bees. With that many bees, we had no choice but to hire a professional Bee Keeper. He came over with his bee suit and took care of the problem. Our new neighbors whom we don’t even know yet were sitting on their front porches watching this bizarre spectacle. When a professional Bee Keeper tells you that it’s one of the biggest swarms he’s ever seen in his life, you know that’s a lot of bees!

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