Feb 102001

Tom and I solved the riddle of the Seventh Street Station. Well almost. The Seventh Street Station is a nine story parking garage that has dozens of 28-foot high panels that light up and play music if you touch them. Some call it the musical parking garage. Legend goes that if you solve the riddle correctly, the entire building will light up at once and play music to celebrate the achievement. Here’s the riddle…

The fish smells fine
Go back 1000, 0110, 0100, 0010
See what she tells you

We didn’t get the building to light up yet, but we’ll try again. We’re pretty sure we cracked the code, but we’re not positive about where to start the sequence from (you’ve got to solve it for yourself).

*I blogged about this building again in 2006. Click here to learn the secret.

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  2 Responses to “The Seventh Street Station”

  1. Mike, when I went I noticed to large metal fish near the restaurant at the end of the building. I’d try starting there thanks for your info.

  2. Ok here is what I have done now you can think I am nuts but why would they have 36 panles so I say you start at the corner (1) but you count 9 that is (3) and so one then you go back well if you go back then you would have to count from the ones that you touched.After nine would be 8 and then you would have to go to the panle that was number 7 the next one would be 6 and so on I say this as there are 2 that don’t have touch pads but are there on the clue and not used with this code. would make scent as you end up back at the corner that you started at so might just be the code is to use the whole building?

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